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Updated Shadow Hack Rules

Posted on 06/08/14 by Feyd No Comments

After the recent playtest, I’ve reviewed and updated quite a lot of the rules today, I’ve also updated the Free-Taiwan Mission Hack to reflect the changes in the rules. To summarise the changes:  I’ve made Bioware and Cyberware Talents just ‘Augmentation’ now.  Added a number of Magical Adept SFX. Added some more descriptions to the […]

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Runner Creation Rules Done!

Posted on 11/14/13 by Feyd 1 Comment

Today I have completed the Contacts and Resources Talents.  This means that SHADOW HACK now has enough rules for the creation of runners! The plan now is to create some (of course!) and also try and recreate old runners from SHADOWRUN to see if they translate well enough to play. There’s still a long way […]

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Matrix Talents

Posted on 11/12/13 by Feyd No Comments

I’ve created the first draft of the Matrix talents today.  I’m not confident that I like them, but want to give them a playtest before dismissing them.  Like Magic, the key is to keep the Matrix system and talents easy, whilst keeping the overall flavour of the SHADOWRUN rules.  Programs may need to change into […]

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Cyberware Talent

Posted on 11/09/13 by Feyd No Comments

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got around to adding the Cyberware Talent.  This gave me a number of issues and has forced me to rethink how I want Talents to work.  When I first looked at the Magic Talent I specifically didn’t want to include spells.  For me spells are a constraint that […]

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Resources and Contacts

Posted on 10/28/13 by Feyd 3 Comments

One of the trickier issues I’ve been dealing with is what to do about Resources and Contacts.  I thought about various ways of doing this, but in the first instance I’m going to keep it simple and see how it goes.  Therefore both of these are Talents that can be taken at character generation when […]

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Thoughts on Cyberware and Bioware

Posted on 10/18/13 by Feyd 3 Comments

Cyberware and Bioware present some interesting challenges. My initial thoughts were that they are Talent sets (like a power set from MHR) so you can use it for…well just about anything really, and specifics are SFXs. The issue with that approach though is that it basically means that someone with Cyberware can do anything with […]

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The Race Question…

Posted on 10/16/13 by Feyd 2 Comments

I’m not sure how to integrate race yet… In Shadowrun, different races add different advantages and disadvantages (though the focus is on advantage). At the moment I’m thinking one of three options: 1. Race as a Distinction 2. Race as a separate Trait 3. Race as a Talent. There are pros and cons to all […]

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