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Matrix Rules

Posted on 12/30/13 by Feyd No Comments

Well it’s taken me longer than I would have liked, but I’ve finally put the Matrix Rules online.  They are pretty abstract, as you would expect, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they work in practice.  One of the issues I’ve had with the Matrix rules is that, in SHADOWRUN, the Matrix is an […]

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Runner Creation Rules Done!

Posted on 11/14/13 by Feyd 1 Comment

Today I have completed the Contacts and Resources Talents.  This means that SHADOW HACK now has enough rules for the creation of runners! The plan now is to create some (of course!) and also try and recreate old runners from SHADOWRUN to see if they translate well enough to play. There’s still a long way […]

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Stress Types

Posted on 11/12/13 by Feyd No Comments

Shadow Hack will have 4 different types of Stress: Physical – This will be used for physical damage and is synonymous with the Physical Condition track in SHADOWRUN. Mental – This will be used for mental damager and is synonymous with the Mental Condition track in SHADOWRUN. Emotional – This will be used in social […]

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Matrix Talents

Posted on 11/12/13 by Feyd No Comments

I’ve created the first draft of the Matrix talents today.  I’m not confident that I like them, but want to give them a playtest before dismissing them.  Like Magic, the key is to keep the Matrix system and talents easy, whilst keeping the overall flavour of the SHADOWRUN rules.  Programs may need to change into […]

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Runs and Story

Posted on 10/28/13 by Feyd 1 Comment

Like any roleplaying game, if you ask five players of SHADOWRUN what it’s about you will receive different answers.  There are a few things that most will generally agree on: It’s about being a mercenary and completing missions (the ‘shadowruns’) It’s about earning Karma and developing your runner. It’s about earning nuyen to be about […]

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Posted on 10/15/13 by Feyd No Comments

Plot Points are a core part of CORTEX PLUS.  For SHADOW HACK I’ve decided to rename them to Edge Points.  This is really just a cosmetic change though, and they will act in exactly the same way as Plot Points. Edge in SHADOWRUN 4A is the stat that allows the runner to do the extraordinary when […]

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What Comes from Where?

Posted on 10/14/13 by Feyd No Comments

Here are my current thought’s on the mixing  flavours.. From the ACTION Flavour in CORTEX PLUS Attributes – these translate well from SHADOWRUN and will make it easier for people to understand. There will probably be six Attributes. Roles – these help define a runners role in the team and will resonate with those familiar […]

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Looking at Flavours

Posted on 10/14/13 by Feyd No Comments
Primer Runners Cover

The CORTEX PLUS RPG has three styles, or ‘flavours’ from which to hack. DRAMATIC Roleplaying ACTION Roleplaying (FANTASY) HEROIC Roleplaying Reviewing the three systems and deciding which to use as a base for SHADOW HACK proved more difficult that I thought as depending on how you play SHADOWRUN, any of the three would work. However […]

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Hoi Chummer!

Posted on 10/13/13 by Feyd No Comments

And so it begins.. This is something new for me – I’m creating a roleplaying ‘hack’! Even though I’ve been gaming for about 30 years I’ve never tried to create something like this before. SHADOW HACK will allow you to play SHADOWRUN RPG  using the CORTEX PLUS system . I’m hoping that it will have enough […]

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