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More on Gear

Posted on 11/17/13 by Feyd No Comments

I’ve been thinking more about equipment and think it should work something like this.. All gear (including vehicles and drones) will have Traits that can be used in roles (though typically only 1 trait can be used unless 1 Edge point is spent – as per the normal Cortex rules).  Gear will also have a […]

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Runner Creation Rules Done!

Posted on 11/14/13 by Feyd 1 Comment

Today I have completed the Contacts and Resources Talents.  This means that SHADOW HACK now has enough rules for the creation of runners! The plan now is to create some (of course!) and also try and recreate old runners from SHADOWRUN to see if they translate well enough to play. There’s still a long way […]

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Resources and Contacts

Posted on 10/28/13 by Feyd 3 Comments

One of the trickier issues I’ve been dealing with is what to do about Resources and Contacts.  I thought about various ways of doing this, but in the first instance I’m going to keep it simple and see how it goes.  Therefore both of these are Talents that can be taken at character generation when […]

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