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Updated Shadow Hack Rules

Posted on 06/08/14 by Feyd No Comments

After the recent playtest, I’ve reviewed and updated quite a lot of the rules today, I’ve also updated the Free-Taiwan Mission Hack to reflect the changes in the rules. To summarise the changes:  I’ve made Bioware and Cyberware Talents just ‘Augmentation’ now.  Added a number of Magical Adept SFX. Added some more descriptions to the […]

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First update for a while!

Posted on 04/18/14 by Feyd 2 Comments

Well it’s been more than a while – it’s been far too long in fact.  Hopefully that will change though! There’s been some interest in the Hack over at the official Cortex Plus forums, which is great to see. mrchrislackey suggested a good variation to the magical drain SFX: SFX: Powered up spell. Add any size […]

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Cyberware Talent

Posted on 11/09/13 by Feyd No Comments

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got around to adding the Cyberware Talent.  This gave me a number of issues and has forced me to rethink how I want Talents to work.  When I first looked at the Magic Talent I specifically didn’t want to include spells.  For me spells are a constraint that […]

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Thoughts on Cyberware and Bioware

Posted on 10/18/13 by Feyd 3 Comments

Cyberware and Bioware present some interesting challenges. My initial thoughts were that they are Talent sets (like a power set from MHR) so you can use it for…well just about anything really, and specifics are SFXs. The issue with that approach though is that it basically means that someone with Cyberware can do anything with […]

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Posted on 10/15/13 by Feyd No Comments

Plot Points are a core part of CORTEX PLUS.  For SHADOW HACK I’ve decided to rename them to Edge Points.  This is really just a cosmetic change though, and they will act in exactly the same way as Plot Points. Edge in SHADOWRUN 4A is the stat that allows the runner to do the extraordinary when […]

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Working on Roles

Posted on 10/14/13 by Feyd No Comments
DMZ Cover

I’ve got the basics down but am spending a lot of time of the various Roles and Traits that make up runners. These are what will separate the mages from the deckers, and the street samurai from the physical adapts. I’m probably going to get it wrong first off all, but it’s beginning to look […]

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