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First update for a while!

Posted on 04/18/14 by Feyd 2 Comments

Well it’s been more than a while – it’s been far too long in fact.  Hopefully that will change though! There’s been some interest in the Hack over at the official Cortex Plus forums, which is great to see. mrchrislackey suggested a good variation to the magical drain SFX: SFX: Powered up spell. Add any size […]

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Initial Thoughts on Extended Actions and Time

Posted on 11/12/13 by Feyd No Comments

One of the things that I think it’s important to encourage in Shadow Hack is the use of Extended Actions.  These might be to repair a car, hack a system, perform an investigation, or something that takes time.  I like the concept of a Time Die for this. Here’s an example: Hacking a System: 1 […]

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