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Posted on 11/25/13 by Feyd No Comments

Ultimately it’s all about the guns right?  I’ve documented how I think combat will work, and included a sample Action Round using the  example character I made up. I think the initial combat seems to work well (I suspected it would!), though I do need to spend a bit of time thinking more about what […]

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The Race Question…

Posted on 10/16/13 by Feyd 2 Comments

I’m not sure how to integrate race yet… In Shadowrun, different races add different advantages and disadvantages (though the focus is on advantage). At the moment I’m thinking one of three options: 1. Race as a Distinction 2. Race as a separate Trait 3. Race as a Talent. There are pros and cons to all […]

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Plot Points are a core part of CORTEX PLUS.  For SHADOW HACK I’ve decided to rename them to Edge Points.  This is really just a cosmetic change though, and they will act in exactly the same way as Plot Points. Edge in SHADOWRUN 4A is the stat that allows the runner to do the extraordinary when […]

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