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Updated Shadow Hack Rules

Posted on 06/08/14 by Feyd No Comments

After the recent playtest, I’ve reviewed and updated quite a lot of the rules today, I’ve also updated the Free-Taiwan Mission Hack to reflect the changes in the rules. To summarise the changes:  I’ve made Bioware and Cyberware Talents just ‘Augmentation’ now.  Added a number of Magical Adept SFX. Added some more descriptions to the […]

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What Comes from Where?

Posted on 10/14/13 by Feyd No Comments

Here are my current thought’s on the mixing  flavours.. From the ACTION Flavour in CORTEX PLUS Attributes – these translate well from SHADOWRUN and will make it easier for people to understand. There will probably be six Attributes. Roles – these help define a runners role in the team and will resonate with those familiar […]

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