Combat works like any other action and follows this sequence.

  1. Decide who goes first.
  2. Decide what you want to do and how you’re going to do it.
  3. Build your dice pool using abilities, talents etc.
  4. Roll the dice pool. Set aside the 1s rolled
  5. Add two dice together to form your Total, spend Edge to add more dice.  Use one die as your Effect (the number is not relevant on this dice)
  6. Your opponent does the same.
  7. Compare the Totals.
  8. If your opponent wins you fail to effect them. They can use Edge or Threat pool dice to Counterattack, using their Effect Die on you.
  9. If you beat your opponent then you can use the Effect die to add Stress, or a complication on the opponent.  Compare Effect dice, if your opponents is larger than yours step back your effect.
  10. If your Total is 5 more than your opponents you get an Extraordinary Success –  Step up the Effect dice (for every 5 you beat them by)
  11. The player now chooses who gets to act next.
  12. Once everyone has acted, play continues.  Note, this means that the last person to act can choose themselves to action again first!


Ronin being chased down an alley by a couple of Aztechnology operatives and runs into a dead end. With a sigh he turns to face them, and combat ensues…

The Threat Pool is currently 3d6

Ronin currently has 3 Edge points.

The Aztec Ops have the following traits:

  • Attributes: d6 (Normal goons)
  • Roles: d8 (Corporate professionals)
  • Distinctions: Corporate Black Op, Blindly Loyal.
  • Talents: Cyberware (d8) SFXs:  Smartlink, Cybereyes,
  • Gear:  Silenced HK-MP3TX (d6) , Armour Jacket (d8)

The Scene is a Blocked Alley and has the following Traits

  • Full of garbage (distinction)
  • Steaming AC vents (distinction)
  • Dead End (d10 Complication) – If trying to escape.

(remember that these can be used as a d8 or a d4 to gain Edge)

The GM decides that Ronin goes first and Ronin decides to open up with his Smartgun into the first Operative.

Ronin builds his pool:

  • Agility d10
  • Muscle d10
  • Street Samurai d8
  • Smartlink (step up highest die)
  • Smartgun d6

So, he’s rolling d12 (stepped up d10 because of the Smartlink), d10, d8, d6

Operative #1 builds his pool:

  • Body d6
  • Muscle d8
  • Black Op d8
  • Armour Jacket: d8

So, he’s rolling d6 and 3d8

The dice are rolled…

Ronin gets 8 (d12), 6 (d10), 8 (d8), 2 (d6).  He decides to keep the 6 and 8 (on the d8) for his total of 14 and use the d12 as the effect die.

Operative #1 rolls 3 (d6), 4, 5, 3 (d8). The GM decides to keep the 5 and the 4 for a total of 9 and use the final d8 as his effect die.

This means that Ronin has beaten the Operative by 5 (14-9) – an extraordinary success, and he steps up his effect! It was already d12 so Ronin stresses out the Operative!

In a short burst of gun fire Ronin takes one of the Aztec operatives out.

Ronin how decides it’s now Operative #2′s turn.  He could have spent a point of Edge to activate his Wired Reflexes SFX which would have given him an extra action (and he could have decided to take it right away), but he chooses not to.

Operative #2 build his pool:

  • Agility d6
  • Muscle d8
  • Black Op d8
  • MP5-TX d6
  • Smartlink (Step up highest dice)

So he’s rolling d10, 2d8, d6

Ronin builds his pool:

  • Body d8
  • Muscle d10
  • Street Samurai d8
  • Lined Coat d6
  • He spends 1 Edge to use a second distinction and is also going to use Full of Garbage at d8

So he’s rolling d10, 3d8, d6

The dice are rolled…

Operative #2 rolls 5 (d10), 6  and 2 (d8), 6 (d6). He keeps the two 6s for a total of 12 and the d10 for Effect.

Ronin rolls 10 (d10), 8, 4 and 3 (d8) and 5 (d6).  He really doesn’t want to be hit so he uses the 10 and 8 for a Total of 18(!) and he keeps the effect die of d8.

Operative #2 opens up with his MP5 but completely misses.  Ronin decides to take advantage and uses another Edge point to cause d8 Stress – as the Operative fired into the alley, Ronin leaped forward and slashed across the Operatives face with his hand razors.

It’s the end of the round. One operative is bleeding out from bullets wounds on the ground, the other is bloodied, but very much alive with d8 physical stress. Ronin is unhurt, but Operative decides to go first this time and things could change very quickly.  Ronin wishes he’d spend his Edge to activate his Wired Reflexes…