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    How do Roles work in the Matrix and the Astral?

    It might be fun to have players use their Role as a die in a Matrix action that corresponds to a meat-world equivalent. For instance, if the Technomancer is trying to quietly infiltrate a Host, they could use Sneak. The Combat Hacker could use Muscle when trying to derez some ICE.

    Right now I think that both the TM and Combat Hacker would probably put their D10 role as Tech. Distinctions aside, they would be pretty similar mechanically. Using other Roles would allow someone to specialize in sneaky-matrix, and another into mayhem-matrix.

    There’s also the possibility of having a completely different set of Matrix stats to represent the player’s Persona. Shadowrun does that now.



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    I know what you mean about the issue with them being mechanically very similar (and yes they would be rather silly not to be d10 in tech)

    I don’t think using their other Roles is the answer though – that needs to be limited to Ultraviolet hosts which, as I recall from SR, uses the runners ‘real’ skills.

    There’s definitely more work needed in this area though. I think SFX and distinctions are the way to go currently.

    Matrix (and Astral) are only subsystems and the rules need to reflect that. I guess what I’m saying is that the first approach should be to keep it simple.

    I’m going to play test matrix and astral soon and we’ll see what comes out. :)

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