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    Looking over the Metatype page ( I think I like the Race as Talent idea. It mirrors well the Priority system in SR, and would give Humans an ‘extra’ slot for their goodies. In SR5 makes it a bit more of a loss to ‘dumpstat’ metatype than SR4, but it’s still a viable option.

    It feels right to me, but I’m not sure of how it would play out. How do SFX from different Talents work now? Can you use a Die from one Talent while adding in SFX from another? Or both?

    Would you get to add in Metatype SFX to your other Talents without cost? Would you pay an Edge?


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    I really like this approach. Currently I think the metatype aspect of character creation is a bit detached from the rest of it.

    This approach would fix that..

    As you say though, this leads us to the question of stacked talents. The game should IMO avoid using multiple talents in dice pools without the use of Edge (PP) and metatype talent should be no exception to this.

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