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I’ve been thinking more about equipment and think it should work something like this..

All gear (including vehicles and drones) will have Traits that can be used in roles (though typically only 1 trait can be used unless 1 Edge point is spent – as per the normal Cortex rules).  Gear will also have a Stress (only Physical and Hacked) as well.

On key stat will be Availability which will dictate how easy the item is to find or buy, and this will influence what level of Resources is needed to obtain it (I think it will act as a Complication if you try to obtain the item). Someone with Resources d6 will be able to get hold of a Lined Coat, but struggle to obtain Combat Armour.

This also means that not all cars will be the same in use, which I think is something people will want from a SHADOWRUN Hack.

Here’s an example of the HK-227 SMG:

  • AVAIL d8 (This is typically a military weapon and isn’t so easy to find)
  • RANGED: d6 (pistols and SMGs will generally have this level)
  • MELEE: d6 (yes you can thump someone with it)
  • STRESS:  Phy d8 / Hack d6 (includes Smartlink)

This may all change of course, and don’t expect me to convert all the weapons – it should be easy enough to do yourself!


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