Matrix Talents

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I’ve created the first draft of the Matrix talents today.  I’m not confident that I like them, but want to give them a playtest before dismissing them.  Like Magic, the key is to keep the Matrix system and talents easy, whilst keeping the overall flavour of the SHADOWRUN rules.  Programs may need to change into resources of some kind, but we’ll see.

Matrix and Decking (note: I’m sticking the with pre and post 4th Edition use of the word instead of ‘Hacking’ as it’s more in the SR flavour IMO!) lead themselves to the creation of assets to assist the team, and complications to make life more complex for bad guys.  It’s all about causing Trouble.  I think the CORTEX PLUS rules work really well for this, but we’ll see in practice.

I’m less sure about what I want to do with Rigging.  I’ve not GMed SR with many Riggers so am shooting in the dark with this one.  Again, the keep principle is that Drones are either Assets or simple machines with a couple of traits (Eg.  SENSORS d6, AUTOGUN d8), but again, I’ve yet to explore them.

I’ll be glad when I’m done with Talents and can move onto other things!

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