The Race Question…

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Feyd 2 Comments

I’m not sure how to integrate race yet…

In Shadowrun, different races add different advantages and disadvantages (though the focus is on advantage).

At the moment I’m thinking one of three options:

1. Race as a Distinction

2. Race as a separate Trait

3. Race as a Talent.

There are pros and cons to all of them.  The simplest is definitely the first option but that doesn’t really capture all a race can do.  The second option is probably the most detailed, but it does likely mean an additional dice to roll, which might not be the best thing.  The third option is interesting and and I most inclined to do this way. I think it would be a package like with no trait values but with multiple SFX and limits like this possible example:


Charismatic: Step up or double  Intuition die in a Social Action.

Low Light: Add d6 to any Intuition roll for a Perception Action in near Darkness

Limit: Arrogant step down Intuition to the end of the scene to gain a Edge point.

If anyone has any better ideas – post them in the development forum! :)


  • Azyreal Azyreal says:

    Races give Shadowrun that extra bit of the fantasy world in the cyberpunk world. I like the idea of it being a talent as it would make most people think do i want to be of a certain race or not.

    • Feyd Feyd says:

      The more I think about this, the more I think a talent ‘set’ would work.

      I’m currently see it as a d6 set that everyone gets (so there would need to be a Human one) that provides a couple of SFX and limits. During generation you just pick one for ‘free’

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