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Posted on October 28, 2013 by Feyd 3 Comments

One of the trickier issues I’ve been dealing with is what to do about Resources and Contacts.  I thought about various ways of doing this, but in the first instance I’m going to keep it simple and see how it goes.  Therefore both of these are Talents that can be taken at character generation when you design your runner.

For Resources this will set the starting amount of gear you have, so having d8 in gear will mean that you can start the game with automatic rifles and other infantry level equipment.

For Contacts I’m thinking that each level provides a contact that has a SFX attached.  I’m thinking that a d6 contact owes you a favour, a d8 contact will fight for you, and a d10 will die for you.

The key for me is to keep the system light though..


  • Roadie says:

    Another way of dealing with this isn’t necessarily have dice associated have this as character background similar to aunt May for Spider-Man and have them as areas where edge can be spent to make one use assets And the use of them would be based on how the player can describe how they use them. And time taken to get the asset. If it sounds logical or would increase pace of story. Yeah. A D8 or D10 Asset. if not could become a d4 asset! Alternatively could just provide the means to complete shadow run in a different way.

  • Roadie says:

    Yeah I can see why, I was mistaken about Spiderman, Aunt may is used as a milestone.

    Resources and Contacts are already fleshed out as background storyline for the character, for Contacts you have the level of commitment using the dice.

    I think I was aiming at only having the contact such as fixer, providing stuff that would benefit the story, If the

    Example, a D6 contact might provide the use of a car to get into the area, (low risk) D10 could provide us with use of a helicopter to get out (high risk).

    They also might be able to provide equipment that has a Rating D6 – D10 that could be used during events.

    If this doesn’t make sense ignore it, I may try to get it over the net again after more thought!

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